Spell Knight's Power

  • Beberapa skill perlu diunlock dengan Skill Key
  • SP Left: Jumlah poin skill yang tersisa pada karakter 
  • SP Used: Jumlah poin skill yang telah digunakan
  • Max SP: 45, Jumlah poin skill yang bisa digunakan dalam 1 job tertentu
  • Total SP: 120, Jumlah total poin skill yang bisa digunakan dalam 4 job

SKnight Combo Skill
Skill SP Dibutuhkan Efek
Combo Attack Lv 2
2 Lv 31
Combo Attack Lv 1
Input: Z Z Z Z

Info: A combo attack that combines 2 magic and 2 sword slashes. The last hit will knock the enemy into the air.
Note: The 1st-2nd hit has a long delay in between, making the user vulnerable to an attack by the enemy.

Throw Lv 2
1 Lv 18
Throw Lv 1
Input: During Combo, ↑ Z Z Z

Info: In addition to the basic command, three orbs are shot directly in the air.

Dash Attack Lv 2
2 Lv 22
Dash Attack Lv 1
Input: → → Z

Info: An advanced dash attack that uses a high and low sweep.

Dash Attack Combo
1 Lv 9 Input: Z ↑ Z

Info: An added combo to the dash attack, using a low and uppercut sweep, lifting the target into the air.

Ragna Bolt Lv 2
0 Lv 0 Input: During Combo, ← ← → Z Z or → → ← Z Z

Info: An upgrade to the bolt where a short magical burst is performed.

Rune Shield
0 Lv 0 Input: While Jumping, ↑ or ↓ Z

Info: A defensive skill that is used to push off nearby enemies and block off ranged-like attacks. It has a cooldown of 4 seconds.

2 Lv 11 Input: X X

Info: An enchant that adds Fire on the sword. If the enemy is struck, it leaves off AoE flame on the ground, dealing rapid damage. The flames stay for 6 seconds.

2 Lv 24
Input: X X

Info: An enchant that adds Lightning to the sword. This adds an second hit to the first attack, dealing a base damage of Lightning. In other words, it has two hits, the second being stronger.

2 Lv 30
Input: X X

Info: An enchant that provides Dark energy on the sword. Any opponent hit will receive Lightning's effect (two hits) and a Curse effect alongside with 100% Null MP Regen. The effect of the Dark Enchant lasts for 6 seconds.

2 Lv 57
Input: X X

Info: An enchant that provides "Vampire Teeth" on the blade. Any opponent hit will have their health sapped and fed to its user.

Spell Knight
SKnight 1st SwordSkill
Skill SP Requires Effect
Rune Spiral Lv 2
1 Lv 19 Info: A modified Rune Spiral that contains extended vertical range with an actual cross seen.
Rune Spiral Lv 3
2 Lv 33
Rune Spiral Lv 2
Info: A deadly jabbing attack that is shot in a line. Its horizontal range has increased, but it has minor vertical range.
Homing Buster
1 Lv 25 Info: A skill that surrounds the front with three magical orbs followed by two quick slashes.
Blazing Slash Lv 1
1 Lv 6 Info: A double slash attack that uses two powerful sweeps. The second hit deals additional magical slashes.
Blazing Slash Lv 2
2 Lv 41
Blazing Slash Lv 1
Info: A skill that creates three magical explosions by striking the ground, then slashing through quickly which lifts the target upward. The damage inflicted is more sufficient.
SKnight 2nd SwordSkill
Giga Crush Lv 2
1 Lv 21 Info: An 2 hit uppercut combo that leaves the enemy in the air, and then slams down with a burst of energy.
Giga Crush Lv 3
2 Lv 35
Giga Crush Lv 2
Info: A 2 hit uppercut combo followed by a slam that bounces multiple times.
Ray Freeze
1 Lv 27 Info: A skill that shoots two powerful sweeps followed by a burst of dark energy.
Spinning Circle Lv 1
1 Lv 8 Info: A quick slashing circle is thrown that inflicts high damage. It opens up with no delay.
Spinning Circle Lv 2
2 Lv 45
Spinning Circle Lv 1
Info: Not one, but three powerful circles are thrown. The first two are shot with no delay, and the third is spun with a half second delay.
SKnight 3rd SwordSkill
Pentacle Strike Lv 1
1 Lv 23 Info: A powerful skill that calls forth multiple piercing swords in a large fielded area.
Pentacle Strike Lv 2
2 Lv 38
Pentacle Strike Lv 2
Info: Unlike level 1, a wave is thrown before the dive. There are no damage increases.
Hovering Crusher
1 Lv 29 Info: An attack that casts rises using quick slashes of energy, and then comes down with a powerful burst.
Shadow Slicer
1 Lv 10 Info: An attack that throws off two circles followed by a burst of dark energy.
Astral Vine
2 Lv 49
Shadow Slicer
Info: A powerful attack that uses multi-slash attacks of dark energy, the constructs an explosion that lifts targets into the air.
White Magic
SKnight 1st WhiteSkill
Skill SP Requires Effect
Holy Bless Lv 2
1 Lv 12 Info: A powerful buff that can stack Holy Bless three times.

1 Charge = 1.20x
2 Charges = 1.30x
3 Charges = 1.50x

Holy Bless Lv 3
2 Lv 32 Info: In addition to level 2, level 3 provides a shield that covers from one hit. The shield lasts only for 8 seconds.
Wind Fist
1 Lv 43 Info: An uppercut that uses powerful gusts of wind to lift up the opponent.
Dark Myst
1 Lv 13 Info: A buff that improves 1.25x attack power and provides invisibility only to nearby allies while providing a stun for nearby enemies. Lasts for 7 seconds.
Paralytic Curse
2 Lv 26
Dark Myst
Info: A bind effect that not only stuns longer, but deals a damage over time effect.
SKnight 2nd WhiteSkill
Blast Bomb Lv 2
1 Lv 14 Info: Unlike level 1, level 2's meteor is twice as large.
Blast Bomb Lv 3
2 Lv 34
Blast Bomb Lv 2
Info: Level 3 drops three level 1 Meteors, where the direction can be aimed via left or right.
Energy Circle
1 Lv 28 Info: A circle that projects a fielded area of damage. Not only it does small DoT, it inhales HP and MP, and the HP is fed to its user.
Tempest Barrier
1 Lv 15 Info: Creates a short-fielded barrier that halves all damage so long as the party is inside the shield. The shield stays for 10 seconds.
Wind Shield
2 Lv 28
Tempest Barrier
Info: A shield that uses a gust of wind to deflect enemies off the barrier while deflecting Arrows and Firebolts. It stays for 10 seconds.
SKnight 3rd WhiteSkill
Lunatic Force Lv 2
1 Lv 16 Info: Not one, but two frosty bolts are shot, basically dealing double damage.
Lunatic Force Lv 3
2 Lv 36
Lunatic Force Lv 2
Info: Only one bolt is shot. However, the up or down keys can aim the ice force. In addition, it travels faster than the previous bolts. It gives off a different aura as well.
Bram Gash
1 Lv 17 Info: A magical skill that shoots out three missiles in a tri-shot formation. They can inflict powerful damage on an enemy.
Flame Throw
1 Lv 30 Info: Slams down with a powerful flame, then throws it down to the ground.
Illumination Sword
2 Lv 50
Flame Throw
Info: A special skill that throws down a mighty sword which then explodes into smaller swords. Although it is weaker than Flame Throw, it does pose more range.

SKnight Pasv Skill
Skill SP Requires Effect
Eyes of the Spell Knight Lv 1
1 Lv 5 Input: Passive Effect upon being struck by Arrows/Kunai

Info: 10% HP Regen is added for 7 seconds.
Note: This skill does not activate instantly. A two second skill delay is added before the Berserk comes in effect.

Eyes of the Spell Knight Lv 2
2 Lv 20
Eyes of the Spell Knight Lv 1
Input: Passive Effect upon being struck by Arrows/Kunai

Info: Increases HP Regen to 20%.

Eyes of the Spell Knight Lv 3
3 Lv 40
Eyes of the Spell Knight Lv 2
Input: Passive Effect upon being struck by Arrows/Kunai

Info: Increases HP Regen to 30%.